7th MMA - 2012, June 3 to 6 - Taipei, Taiwan


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!!! Plenary and Keynote Talks of the Conference

□Norbert Klein

●Professor in Department of Materials, Imperial College
●Title: Evanescent field sensor systems based on high Q dielectric resonators

□Kwo Ray Chu

●Distinguished Professor in the Physics Department of the National Taiwan University
●Title: A Quasi-Optical System for Ultra Rapid Microwave Heating

□Jau Ho Jean

●Founder of ACX Corp
●Title: Design of LTCC Devices for Wireless Communication

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!!! Special Section I: Ferrites Materials and Processes for High Frequency Application (2012/01/04 update)

□Prof. Jörg Töpfer (Dept. SciTec, Univ. Applied Sciences Jena, Germany)

□Prof. Huaiwu Zhang (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China)

□Associate Prof. Yang Bai (Corrosion and Protection Center, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China)

□Prof. Chi-Shiung Hsi (Materials Science and Engineering, National United University, Taiwan)

□Prof. Hsing-I Hsiang (Department of Resources Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)

!!! Special Section II: Novel microwave materials and devices (2012/02/01 update)

□Prof. Hasimoto (Chiba University, Japan)

□Prof. TanaKa (Tohoku Unversity, Japan)

!!! Special Section III: Microwave Sensors (2012/04/01 update)

!!! Special Section IV: Printed Electronics for Microwave (2012/04/01 update)